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3D Nail Stickers 16 Tips Buy 2 get 1 Free!!

3D Nail Stickers 16 Tips Buy 2 get 1 Free!!

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Product Information:

Material: Sticker
Net Content: 16 Tips
Nail Products Category: Nail Stickers
Specification Type: 16 Stickers in Sealed Bag
Cosmetic Properties: Durability
Suitable for Skin Type: Any Skin Type


1.Use the Wooden wand to gently push the cuticle back.
2.Use the clcohol pad to clean off dirt or grease on the nails.
3.Match the nail sticker with your nails.It is recommended to slect just right size or a smaller one.
4.Tear off the nail sitcker to place it on the surface of the nail near the cuticle.Do not put it on the skin,smooth out any creases or bubbles.
5.Cut the excess sitcker with nail clipper and file it.By holding the nail file at a 90 degree angle using downward motion at the fingertip.Do not go back and forth or left and right.
6.Cure the nails with a LED lamp for about 45 seconds.

The package doesn't include the LED lamp!

Additional Tips:
1.Keep nails away from water for at least 2 hours affter applying it.
2.Please warm up your hands if they are cold before applying nail stickers,which would be better glued with warmer hands.

How to remove:
1.Soak nails in warm water for 3-5 minuter.
2.Remove it with a wooden wand and clean glue with alcohol pad.

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