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Electric Cleaning Brush

Electric Cleaning Brush

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  • One button easy to use: one button, simple and easy to use, elderly people can use it easily. Ergonomic design, medium length handle, high-speed brush head, effortless cleaning, relaxes your shoulders and back, protects your hands and waist, so that users can clean in a healthy and comfortable posture. More user-friendly for women, elderly people and people with arthritis
  • Waterproof: Our scrubbing brush is waterproof to IPX6 degrees, which can be protected from strong water jets, withstands high water pressure, but cannot be submerged in water. The scrubber cleaning brush is very suitable for daily use, and there is no need to worry about water splashing into the machine during cleaning and causing damage.
  • Wireless: With our cleaning brush, you can easily eliminate any chaos. Our cordless, lightweight and rechargeable design brings the cleaning power exactly where you need it, so you can say goodbye to tired arms and bulky hand brushes. Wherever you want to clean up, just take it with you! Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage or in the garden, dirt and food leftovers can be easily removed.
  • Powerful and efficient: our electric cleaning brush has a 2000 mAh battery with a running time of up to 30 minutes. Press 2 seconds to start the portable cleaning brush. The powerful motor rotates the brush at 320-350 revolutions per minute and you will effortlessly remove any dirt in no time!

Size Information:
Product size 224*119mm

Packing list:

Cleaning brush *1+ Brush head *2


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